Thanks to those who have been speaking out against these latest budget cuts.

Our voices are starting to be heard but we have to keep going.  


Included: contact information for relevant politicians, a standard email parents can cut and paste and action items.

Actions parents can take to make sure our voices are heard


1. On Zoom: Thursday, June 23rd, 6:00pmon Zoom - (Looks like this link is not accessible yet, but if you want to sign up to speak please do so before 5:30pm that day.)


2. In person: Friday, June 24th, 11:30 AM in front of City Hall - Press conference/rally to protest the devastating budget cuts to schools. Please come and bring signs. 


3. In person: Friday, June 24th, 3pm in front of City Hall - Press conference/rally. If you can’t make the rally at 11:30 AM, there will also be another rally at 3 PM at City Hall on Friday.  Bring your kids & signs if you can!


4. On zoom: Friday, June 24th, 12pm on Zoom - Hybrid Council hearings on these cuts, held by the NYC Council Education and Investigation Committees at City Hall and via Zoom. 

You can sign up to testify in person or via Zoom now at

If you can't make the meeting you can also submit written testimony.  Please follow the link about and write a statement for the public record.  The more parents heard the better!



Click above link to view spreadsheets of all the cuts to school Galaxy budgets a week ago; a searchable pdf is here, showing the cuts amounted to more than $1.7B as of June 13, sorted by Council district.

Though DOE says they will have added more funding to school budgets throughout June and over the summer, these are the current budgets that principals have been told to use to decide on their staffing. Already, many schools have reported excessing teachers, which will lead to higher class sizes next year and the loss of critical programs. For current amounts, you can check out your school’s cuts compared to last year here.


6. Call Governor Hochul - 518-474-8390 and sign the petition

The best way these awful cuts may be averted or minimized is if Gov. Hochul signs the class size bill. Indeed, that is what DOE said at a public hearing last week; that if the bill was enacted, they would have to send more funding to schools before the start of the school year. Please sign our petition to the Gov. urging her to sign the bill and call her at 518-474-8390.


Contact Information - Call and email!


1) Council Member Carlina Rivera:, 212-677-1077

2) Council Member Keith Powers:, 212-818-0580

3) Council Member Gale Brewer:, 212-873-0282 (Former Manhattan Borough President)

4) Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine:, 212-669-8300

5) Public Advocate Jumaane Williams:, (212)669-7200

6) Mayor Eric Adams: (Best we could find was this online form.  If anyone has anything better please share.), 311

7) Comptroller Brad Lander:, (212) 669-3916

8) State Senator Liz Krueger:, (212) 490-9535

9) Assembly Member Dan Quart:, (212) 605-0937

10) Senator Gillibrand:, (212) 688-6262 

11) Senator Schumer:,  (212) 486-4430

12) Call Governor Hochul: 518-474-8390 




Standard email for parents to send to politicians (Please feel free to add personal stories)


As a P.S.116 parent, I am writing to express my disappointment and opposition to the major funding cuts every school in NYC is experiencing.  I urge you to push NOW for the Mayor and DOE to fully fund our schools with the  unallocated federal stimulus money.

Every minute counts. These school budgets need to be made whole right away as Principals have begun to make their decisions on which teachers to excess.


The P.S. 116 community is going to get hit especially hard compared to the surrounding schools in the neighborhood with the Principal facing the daunting task of having to excess 6 staff members. Our school already faced budget cuts 3 years ago leading to a number of cuts amongst our staff.  We can't afford to lose anymore.


The needs of our students are greater than ever.


Our teachers, counselors, specialists, and other staff are all necessary to provide our students the support in their education, development, and well-being that they deserve. Cutting mental health and social support in these times is particularly unfathomable.


As a local, state, or federal elected official our school community and neighborhood appreciates your office's continued support through discretionary funding, capital improvements and advocacy work but these students need their teachers so we ask you to please stand up now against these devastating budget cuts.


Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.




Thank you parents for helping us get the word out.

Please contact us with any questions.  If you would like to get more involved we can provide additional information.


All PS116 parents are members of the PTA!

Our kids need your ideas, time, energy & financial support.

Help make our school better by sharing your talents and skills, planning school events (large & small), building student programs, connecting with other parents, making your voice heard, and staying informed!


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