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PS116 May Move-a-thon!

May 1-16th!

Move-A-Thon Flyer (1).png

Track the minutes you move to earn trophies & rewards: Google form

Upload your videos completing challenges or showing us how you move here: Padlet Page

If you did not receive the email from 99Pledges with your child's page, simply search and find your child's pledge page here:

This event will be photographed/video-taped by the PTA at P.S. 116 for our own use. By participating at this event, you allow PTA at P.S. 116 to license and the right to use, reproduce, adapt, and display photos that may contain your image and to incorporate it for future use on our website or PTA at P.S. 116’s social media channels.

7 Challenges to try to get you started! 

Post on Padlet and record your time on the Google Form

  1. May 1st: Youtube Just Dance "Dynamite"

  2. May 3rd: Ms. Melissa Learn How to Jump Rope 

  3. May 5th: Mr. Iocco Pistol Squat Challenge

  4. May 6th: Mr. Iocco Burpee Challenge

  5. May 7th: Youtube Just Dance "Happy"

  6. May 9th: Exercise Scavenger Hunt (see below)

  7. May 11th: Cosmic Kids Earth Day Yoga:

  8. May 12th: 18 Minute Activity Games

  9. May 13th: Mr. Iocco and Ms. Guenther Partner Challenge

  10. May 14th: Youtube Just Dance "Groove Is In the Heart"

  11. May 16th: Jungle Adventure Game:

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