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P.T.A. Executive Board 2023-2024



Danielle King and Robin Bowers


Recording Secretarie(s):

Susan Atlas, Open position


Kerry Sass, Open position

Financial Secretaries:

Vivian Hayashi and James Tsay

Community Relations

Open positions (2)


Alyssa Weiss and Stacie Balanoff

Hospitality & Membership V.P.’s:

Denise Sommer

Education, Recreation & Welfare V.P.’s:

Wenji Wong and Gil Lal 

Community Building V.P.’s:

Open positions (2) 


Special Events V.P.’s:

Denise Sommer, Open (1) 

External Fundraising V.P.'s:

Orit Chavkin, Karen Napolitano 

Internal Fundraising V.P.'s:

Aanie Christopher (116Kids), Karen Napolitano (Direct Appeal)

Garden Committee V.P.:
Chris Chios, Open position

Parents at Large:

Natasha Mlotok (Parent at Large)

Chris Chios (5th Grade)

Open (K Class Liaison)

Open (Pre-K Liaison)



If you are interested in helping the Executive Board,  please let us know by emailing




P.T.A. Meetings


PTA General Meetings:     

Wednesdays once a month at 9am via Zoom

2023/2024 General PTA Meeting minutes can be accessed here.

PTA Executive Board Meetings:

Tuesdays once a month 

P.S. 116 PTA Budget - request a copy by emailing

P.S. 116 P.T.A. By-Laws here

PTA Executive Board Committees and What They Do

PTA Co-Presidents provide leadership and guidance for all committees. They ensure that all members receive training and assistance in their positions. They preside at all meetings as well as representing P.S. 116 to the region/district. The presidents are designated as the authorized signers for P.T.A. checks, contracts, and authorizations for payments. They are members of the S.L.T. and Safety Committee. The P.T.A. Presidents also provide direction and support for the P.T.A. Exec Board and all school parents.

Recording Secretaries record information such as meeting minutes. They get approval on notes to be posted on the P.S. 116 website. 

Treasurers oversee the budget committee. They maintain a record of income and expenditures and provide financial support to drive events and support 116. They prepare checks for the President to sign and are custodians to the unit's finances. 

Financial Secretaries support the Treasurers. They assist with making deposits and distributing receipts for all donations.

Communication VPs are responsible for communication information within the Executive Board as well as the parent body at large. They create and distribute a calendar of events, handle correspondence, and can assist other committees with flyers. They inform the community at large via eBlast, text blast, social media, and they create and update the P.T.A. website. 

Community Relations VPs represents interests of PS116 PTA at community meetings and report back community affairs. Keep a schedule of all community meetings to share with PTA & School community, including but not limited to, Community Board 6, D2 and D4 Councilmembers, Build-a-Block for relevant NYPD Precincts, Parks Department, Manhattan Borough President’s Office, Board of Elections, CEC, PEP.  Will assist Presidents in identifying funding sources from community groups and city elected officials and in soliciting groups to assist with school projects/concerns.

Hospitality VPs organize events throughout the year such as Kindergarten Orientation, First Day of School Meet & Greet, Curriculum Night, Moms' Night Out, and the Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Education, Recreation & Welfare VPs responsibilities include planning and chairing the Book Fair, Read-a-thon, Photo Day (s), 116 Day Celebration and assist the school administration with vision testing.

Community Building VPs organize and chair events to bring our 116 families together typically without fundraising such as Art Night, Multi-Cultural Potluck at Thanksgiving, and Movie Night.  

Special Events VPs organize and chair primarily the Boo Bash and the 116 Variety Show. In the event that 5th grade does not run Spring Fair, Special Events will chair the Spring Fair.

Internal Fundraising VPs responsibilities include managing School Store, liaison to 116Kids PTA Afterschool program, raise funds for Teaching Assistant Program (K and 1st grades) and Annual Fund.  This includes but not limited to profit shares with businesses, chair and organize annual event to benefit TA fund (Dance-a-thon/Move-a-thon).

External Fundraising VPs create and chair committee for Annual Spring Auction and Benefit. This includes all aspects of event planning and securing auction item donations.

Garden Committee VP responsibilities include care and maintenance of the school garden and tree beds outside of school on 33rd and 32nd streets. Liaison to the Sunday PS116 Farmer's Market on 2nd Ave. Duties include filing for permits, collecting revenue, advertising and suggesting improvements.

Parents at Large: PreK (1) Kindergarten (1) 5th Grade (1) and At Large Members (2)

  • For incoming PreK and Kindergarten parents, they will assist one or more standing committees and basically “get their feet wet” by coming to meetings and volunteering for as many things as they can.

  • At-large members to serve as a member on one or more of the standing committees (including for an internal fundraising outreach). Also must be available to volunteer at PTA events.

  • 5th grade parent will act as liaison between PTA and 5th Grade Committee

  • 2 Members at Large will serve as liaisons to Grade/Class Leaders - one for lower and one for upper grades. This will fulfill their commitments to volunteer responsibilities.


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