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Volunteering with P.S.116 PTA

There are so many ways you can help:

  • Join the P.T.A. Executive Board

  • Join one of our many sub-committees

  • Become a Class Parent

  • Attend P.T.A. Meetings

  • Help with any of our Fantastic Events

Interested in volunteering opportunities? Sign-up here. 




If you can volunteer in any way, please email us at

PTA events are also great for Middle School and High School students that need volunteer hours!  Just have your child sign up the same as you would and the PTA Co-Presidents will authorize their school volunteer forms.



Each New York City Public School is required to have a School Leadership Team (SLT) that is composed of equal numbers of school administration, teachers, and parents. The P.S. 116 SLT includes the Principal, 7 members of the teaching staff, the PTA Co-Presidents, and 7 parents (1 representing each grade and 1 member at large).


The mission of the P.S. 116 School Leadership Team is to support the improvement of the teaching and learning of the current curriculum, examine the needs of the student population, and devise ways to help all students meet and exceed the standards. Further, the SLT is responsible for developing the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and ensuring that it is aligned with the school-based budget.

The Team meets at least once a month for about 1 hour. Our regularly scheduled meeting is at 7:15 a.m. on the second Friday of each month. Members may also spend time outside of meetings on projects or other SLT work. Members are expected to attend every meeting and are required to contribute at least 30 hours per year to the work of the Team. Team members serve 2-year terms.

SLT Minutes HERE


Class parents are an integral part in helping our school function more effectively by ensuring that every family is aware of all goings-on at P.S. 116, from important academic information to class parties to school-wide community events.  We thank you for volunteering your time and resources. 

The primary goal of class parents is to make sure every family is connected to the P.S. 116 community. The role of the class parent is to support and build community within the classroom, as well as to serve as a communication liaison between the classroom families, the classroom teacher, the Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) and the School Leadership Team (SLT). Serving as a class parent is an excellent opportunity to connect to your child’s class and to be involved in both the classroom and student/family community. 

Typical Responsibilities of the Class Parent Include:

  • Internal Class Directory: Support your classroom teacher(s) in creating an internal class directory to be used by families in the class and to be used by class parents to share information from PTA and SLT. This internal directory is separate from the P.S. 116 Directory.  All class families should be asked to provide some form of contact information for the internal directory. If you have a non-English speaking family, let Parent Coordinator Vicky Ritter know, as translation services may be available.

  • PTA Meetings: Class parents should attend every PTA meeting to stay informed on school/grade/class happenings so that they can relay such information to class families.

  • PTA and SLT communications: Forward emails from the PTA and SLT representatives to your class families to keep them informed.

  • Classroom Events: Class parents will need to coordinate with the classroom teacher(s) to determine the need for specific in-classroom activities and/or communications, including:

    • Assisting with classroom curriculum-driven events and parties, such as publishing celebrations (e.g. coordinating food); and holiday celebrations

    • Publicizing/assisting with grade specific projects, events, and trips; such as class trips and special PTA driven projects


How to Handle Money:

  • Please be aware that the solicitation or collection of any class dues or suggested donations is strictly prohibited. Monetary collections for specific items and/or events such as class trips, parties, or a teacher gift, must be collected at that time.

  • Please read the NYC Department of Education Gift-Giving Guidelines (Chancellor’s Regulation C-110) It is important that we do not put our teachers in a compromised situation by gifting them more than they are allowed to receive: “Regarding holiday and end-of-the year gifts, the NYC DOE’s Conflict of Interest guidelines is as follows:  If contributions are collected from an entire class to put toward a gift, the names of all children must be acknowledged in an accompanying card, whether or not the family contributed; additionally, no family may be made to feel excluded because they chose not to participate.  Finally, parents/guardians may not be asked to contribute more than a small amount of money toward a class gift (up to $10).”


Need Help?


If you have any questions, please contact your PTA liaison:

Natasha Mlotok, Parent-at-Large


Or you may also direct any questions about the role and expectations of class parents to Parent Coordinator, Vicky Ritter,

Class Parents


There are many exciting activities 5th Graders at P.S. 116 experience.

Students may branch out and choose from the many 5th Grade extra-curricular activities such as:

  • 5th Grade Chorus

  • Spotlight School Blog

  • Student Council

  • Science Club (4th & 5th graders)

The 5th graders have an incredible field trip over-night to the Pocono Environmental Education Center ( PEEC ). We also have an amazing Ball Room Dancing Program with Dancing Classrooms! 

 These activities, along with the graduation ceremony and party require fundraising all year. 5th Graders traditionally host a few of our annual events, such as the Spring Fair.  5th Grade parents create the yearbook, design and order graduating class apparel, and organize numerous Bake Sales. Typically the 5th Grade Committee meets once a month to ensure fundraising is tracking to cover expenses, as well as share new ideas.   

 If you can help in any way,  please email us at

5th Grade
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