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Donation Ideas


One-of-a-Kind Experiences
*  Backstage access/tour for a concert, show or museum
*  Meet a celebrity, CEO, author, etc
*  In-home chef dinner
*  Day in the Life — “Beauty Editor for a day”
*  Private lesson/session with an expert


*  Cooking lesson in-home or at a restaurant
*  Gourmet food and wine baskets
*  Private wine or other beverage tasting
*  Restaurant Gift Certificate
*  Cooking or Wine Class Gift Certificate
*  Food and Wine Gift Baskets


*  Haircuts, massages, facials, manicures
*  Memberships to health clubs
*  Personal training sessions


Entertainment Industry/Sports
*  Tickets for concerts, shows and sporting events (especially suites)
*  Fashion Week access
*  Met opera tickets
*  Ballet tickets
*  Broadway shows
*  Artworks
*  Art-books
*  Theater tickets
*  Private museum tour


*  Boat or helicopter ride/tour
*  Hotel and vacation home stays
*  Activities in NYC and beyond
*  Week/weekend long vacation homes give-aways
*  Gift cards to exclusive hotels 
*  Blade (Helicopter trips) gift card
*  Ski Package
*  Vacation Home Rental


For the Kids
*  Lessons/classes in art, music, sports etc.
*  Birthday parties and entertainment
*  Bowling, rock climbing and movie tickets
*  Summercamp
*  Unwrapped/unopened toys
*  Tickets for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
*  Private Bronx Zoo Tour
*  Private tennis lessons
*  Professional photography session for the family
*  Kidsclub, Kidville, Appleseeds, Imagine Swim Class packs
*  Puppet show tickets for kids (Central Park Marionette Theater)

Creative Services/Tech
*  Interior design services
*  Photography/portrait services
*  New electronics — ipod, computer, gaming systems, TV’s

Luxury Items

* Fine Art
* Jewelry
* Accessories — leather goods,
* Luggage
* Pocketbooks
* Watches

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